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Keeping your workforce safe is something we take extremely seriously here at A&J. As official distributors for 3M Speedglas, these durable, high quality respiratory systems offer some of the best protection against weld fume available on the market. We can also supply Parweld respiratory system and a wide range of non-air fed helmets too. Yet it doesn’t stop there. Protection against weld fume is only one small part of our range, as we also supply a wide range of hand, eye and ear protection, including high visibility and flame retardant clothing (along with screen printing and embroidery – click here for more information on our clothing). We keep a great number of gloves, gauntlets and other items in stock. Scroll below to see many of the products we offer.

3M Welding Helmets

Speedglas 100 Helmet

9100 Air Fed System

9100FX Air Fed System

9100MP Air Fed System

G5-01 Air Fed System

G5-02 Helmet

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Parweld Welding Helmets

XR935H Helmet

XR937H Helmet

XR938H Helmet

XR939H Helmet

XR940A System

XR950A System

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Panther Welding PPE

Rigger Gloves

Leather Spats

Leather Sleeves




TIG Gauntlets

Reversible Gauntlets


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Hi Viz Protection


T Shirts

Polo T Shirt

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt


Soft Shell Jackets



Fleece Jackets

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Fleece Jacket

Soft Shell

Bomber Jacket

Tyvek Suits

Cargo Trousers

Combat Trousers

Ballistic Trousers

Outdoor Trousers

Thermal Short Sleeve Vest

Thermal Long Sleeve Vest

Thermal Long Johns

Polycotton Trousers

Polycotton Jackets

Polycotton Overalls

Proban Trousers

Proban Jackets

Proban Overalls

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Eye Protection


Clear Specs

Smoked Lens Specs

Yellow Specs

Clear Goggles

Clear Ski Type Goggles

Flip Up Welding Goggle

Round Lens Flip Up Welding Goggle

Ski Type Welding Goggle

CB14 Headband

CV84A / CV83P Visor

CV84AG Visor

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Respiratory Protection

FFP1 Moulded Mask

FFP2 Moulded Mask

FFP2V Moulded Mask

FFP2V Fold Flat Mask

FFP3V Moulded Mask

FFP3V Fold Flat Mask

Face Masks

Face Masks

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Hearing Protection

3M E-A-R Ear Plugs

3M Classic Ear Plugs

Ear Defenders

Head Protection

Hard Hats

Bump Caps

Kroma Caps

Hand Protection

PU Gloves

Nitrile Chemical Gauntlets

Grip Gloves

Anti-Cut Gloves

Stockinette Gloves

Rigger Gloves

Red Gauntlets

Gold Gauntlets

TIG Gauntlets

Red PVC Knit Wrist Gloves

PVC Gauntlets

Blue Nitrile Knit Wrist Gloves

Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Latex Disposable Gloves

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

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