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From anti-spatters to spill kits, we can offer a wide range of products to help you clean up and keep moving. We can provide equivalents to a wide range of oils and supply data sheets upon request to ensure your compliance to your procedures and machinery needs. As agents for Premkem, we stock a large number of Premkem products along with many other aerosols. Scroll below to see the full range of consumables we offer in this range.


Popular Products

Cleanweld Anti-Spatter

Preweld Anti-Spatter

Tip Dip

Industrial Products

Available Products:
Standard & Synthetic Soluble Oils
Grinding & Cutting Fluids
Boring Oils
Pressing Lubricants
Drawing Oils (All Viscosities)
Stamping Oil
Forming & Blanking Oil
Available Products:
Tapping Fluid
Vanishing Oil
Air Line Lubricant
Transformer Oil
Heat Transfer Oils
Hydraulic Fluids (All Requirements)
Graphite Based Products
Dewatering, Preservative and Anti-Rust Products
Available Products:
Compressor Oils
Slideway Lubricants
General Purpose Machine Oils
Light, Medium & Heavy Machine Oils
Mould Oils
Rolling Oils
Quenching Oils

Oils and Lubrications

Engine Oils

Engine Oils:
Fully Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic & Mineral Blend Engine Oils
All Grades Available Including 5W/50, 5W/30, 10W/30, 10W/40, 15W/40
Commercial Grades Meeting All Latest Requirements
All ACEA Approved & Meeting The Latest API Specifications

Gear and Transmission Oils

Gear and Transmission Oils:
Mineral, Fully & Semi-Synthetic Gear &
Automatic Transmission Fluids for Car & Commercial Markets.
75W/90, 80, 80W/90, 85W/140, 140 GL4 & GL5 Types Available

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids
All ISO Grades of Mineral, High Viscosity Index, Zinc Free & Biodegradable Versions

Agricultural Lubricants

Agricultural Lubricants
Super Universal Tractor Oil
Tractor Transmission Fluid
Mineral & Biodegradable Chain Oils
Milking Machine Oils

Ancillary Products

Engine Oils:
Anti-Freeze (BS6580)
Traffic Film Remover
Gas Oil & Paraffin
All Types of Greases
Gear and Transmission Oils:
Penetrating Oils & Hand Cleaner
Brake Fluid
Oil Absorbent Granules

Premkem Aerosols

Engine Oils:
6 in 1 Maintenance Spray
PREM 3 Maintenance Spray
Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray
Copper Grease Spray
Engine Oils:
Chain and Cable Lubricant
White Grease Spray
Galv Spray
Food Lube
Engine Oils:
Premcool Drilling & Tapping Spray
Premfoam Cleaner
Graffiti Remover

Spill Kits

Clip-Top and Heat Sealed Spill Kits

Body Fluid Spill Kits, Mercury Spill Kits and Paint Spill Kits

Drip Tray and Drain Protection Spill Kits

Vinyl Bag Spill Kits with Shoulder/Carry Straps

Round Drum Spill Kits

Wheeled Spill Kits

Lockers and Large Wheeled Spill Kits

Adblue Absorbent Spill Kits

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